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About Me

My Background


I am a Mechanical Engineer turned teacher and trainer. I currently run the Mechatronics program at St. Raymond school in Menlo Park and consult with other organizations doing PD and curriculum design work around STEM/STEAM/Making.

My Experience


In the last two years I have designed and run over 20 PD's, workshops and camps for museums, school districts, non-profits and youth service providers. Every contract is unique starting with a needs assessment. I am happy to provide references for any of my prior work. 

My Mission


I want to work with teachers who have little to no experience picking up "technical" teaching tools. Loose your fear of the naked circuit board, use electricity to make things move and wield coding to get a simple machine reacting to environmental changes. 


Professional Development (PD)


More people are learning that the acronym "PD" is much more effective as "teacher Play Date" rather than "Professional Development". Prepare to drop pretences and enter a workshop environment with genuine contagious enthusiasm. You will laugh and learn!

Curriculum Development


Every community of students is different. The challenge is to link existing academic content standards and support those standards with super engaging project based learning. This means getting both students and teachers comfortable with new tools like Raspberry Pi.

Example Videos


Here are a few videos:

1. Teacher Play Dates (PD)

2. A great 6th grade project

3. Hex style bug 3rd grade

4. Draw a rose in CAD 8th grade

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